Wednesday, 19 January 2011


My day has just been made, taking a peak at KnittyBlog over my lunch today their new post mentioned that a new knitting chart production program had been made, in fact, I'll quote what they say;

"Awesome: a knitting chart generator developed as a demonstration application of the Mathematica mathematical programming language."

This free to use (I think) bit of kit is just brilliant - and even more exciting - is in Mathematica, the programming language I use every day for my PhD! The link to access it is here:

Wolfram Demonstrations Project: Knitting Charts

If you use it in Mathematica Player the demo recommends taking a screen shot and then cropping the image to match the size of your chart, however because I can play with the source code (which hopefully means I'll be able to figure out how to add even more symbols!), I have been able to extract the JPEGs directly and then crop from there. 

I don't know if you can see, but at the top there's a slider that lets you choose the number of stitches square of the chart, which is great! It's super easy to use, just select the symbol you want, and then click where on the chart you want to place it. 

I'm chuffed to pieces to have found this, it's going to make my chart writing so much easier!

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