Tuesday, 18 January 2011

My Excuse

So sorry for the delay since the previous post, I've been fighting a troublesome bout of the flu. So much so, considering I spent two weeks without leaving the house I feel like I have very little to show for it! But I'm a productive soul, so there are a couple of things...

Firstly I finished a pair of socks for Andrew, these are one of my own design, and will have a post all of their own tomorrow.

I also finished a pair of socks for myself. I knitted the first of these a while before Christmas, but was trying to put off knitting the other one in preference for deadline knitting. However, when flu strikes intricate lace is a bit too much effort for me!

The pattern is Sensu by Judy Sumner from the book Knitted Socks East and West, and the yarn is Wollmeise Twin in Daisy. I didn't change the pattern too much, I swapped the ruffle top for a ribbed edge, left out the purl stitches from the stitch pattern, carried the stitch pattern down the foot and used my own wedge toe construction instead of the books (I have stumpy toes!). So by the middle of January I am well on the way to my 11 socks in 2011 target! Hoorah!

You may have noticed a certain someone sneaking into the middle picture up there.....

It seems Joey has a new favourite spot! Andrew was very patient with him and even let him have a little nap! Lucky Joey!

Over the weekend when I was feeling a bit better I even managed some dyeing (abliet only washing machine dyeing) of this Sirdar Denim Ultra, a super bulky acrylic/cotton/wool blend (only 15% wool, otherwise I wouldn't have dared machine dye it!) which came out better than expected:

Note the Elmo cat in the last pic there!

This is a really airy, lightweight yarn I used a lot as a teenager, and I had about 600g to dye. Unfortunately most of this airiness has gone, and the resulting yarn is probably better suited to 8mm needles than 12mm. This is probably not a bad thing, as I get bored very quickly using the really big needles - it's just too much effort to knit at that scale!! The yarn was originally bought by Andrew to crochet a jumper, but he wasn't happy with how that came out so it was sent my way. I can't remember the original colourway (ballbands are long gone), but it was brown and white.

What's interesting about how this yarn has dyed it that seems that the different plys are different fibre types. The cotton content has dyed in some of the plies, but some are near to their original colour. This is not what I expected at all, and was a lovely surprise that I think really adds to the yarn. This yarn is destined to become a lace sweater dress for the show in March.

Speaking of the show, I spent an hour this evening blocking bits and pieces for the show....

Excuse the lighting in this photo, it was dark when I got home!

In the back of the photo is a chunky knit jumper I've made for Andrew. This is actually the third time of blocking, for this jumper, and I've shown you a couple of snapshots before, here and here. It has been seamed, and Andrew has been wearing it, but the seams were a little tight and so I'm trying to relax them. As the jumper has started to felt (!), I felt a re-block was necessary to help reshape a bit.

I must say I'm really disappointed at the speed of which this work seems to be disintegrating. I knew pilling was a risk with using a single (unplied) yarn, but the extent of it is massive. There are large felted patches appearing on the chest and underarms, which, considering this is made with Debbie Bliss Como, an expensive yarn at over £5 for 50g, and which I won't be using again. If the twist was a bit higher it would probably have been a lot better.

In the bottom of the photo are 3 out of 4 sections of a cape that I am working on. I posted about the swatches here. More on this when it's sewn up!

In the top is my favourite piece of the collection. A dress I'm making based around the Not A Drop stitch pattern by Arlene's World of Lace in Wollmeise Lace in Golden Pear. Trust me, there will be a lot more on this dress later.

Oh, and I read another book, The Informers by Bret Easton Ellis. So that's 2 out of 11 done there as well!

Speak soon!

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  1. I'm sorry you've had the flu, that sucks :P. Your cats look lovely, although as you said they do appear a bit too dopey to catch mice - great for a cuddle though! I'm envious of your dressform, I've been wanting one for an age, but we have no space for it! And my arguments about how I need dedicated crafting space, and surely one of my housemates wouldn't mind if I took over his bedroom, seemingly fall on death ears :P. xx