Tuesday, 22 February 2011

My word! Press and Promo!

My word it's been a long time since I posted - my only excuse is that it's taken this long to get myself, my camera, my camera cable and the laptop all in the one room as Andrew has been using it for work a lot. I know, I am getting round to getting my laptop fixed.You can now follow me on Twitter @MichaelaKnits for up to the minute updates!

There's lots to say! Firstly, following on from the previous post I made some adaptations to the Mathematica Knitting Chart program. This can be downloaded here:


This will only work if you have access to Wolfram Mathematica, so it's usage is possibly rather limited, but I was very proud of myself!

I have also recently appeared in University College London's most recent edition of Pi Magazine. UCL is the second largest university in the UK, and as such, I imagine that the readership of this student publication is over 10,000! And they gave me half a page!

I don't yet have a digital copy, so sorry for the photo! Notice also that it's the centre page - even more attention paid to it! I brought them 2 huge bags of everything I've knitted and am proud of, and they chose to use my Ikebana socks, designed by Judy Sumner and featured in Knitted Socks East and West, and my Ice Layers jumper of my own design. This is a men's jumper, but following the shoot (and the lovely comments I've received) I'll almost certainly size it for women too. The best part of this is that the rest of the shoot was dedicated to full time, professional fashion designers, so I'm certainly keeping good company at the moment!

Regular readers will know that I have been working for many months on the development of my own collection for the University College London MODO Fashion Society Show. I have been working since September to develop the team and have found 27 other excellent designers to produce an astounding 116 garments for our show on the 4th and 5th of March, at UCL Gower Street, London.

Tickets are available for £8 and can be purchased at www.uclunion.org/shop. Doors are at 6.30 and attendees can enjoy drinks and vintage refreshments (not literally vintage!) while they wander through our exhibition. The show begins at 7.15 and is expected to last for around two hours including an interval during which there will be opportunities to take a closer look at some of our garments. I will be opening the show with an 8 piece knitwear collection inspired by the revealing of tree branches during autumn. If you are attending, leave me a comment and I'll try and make sure I chat to you!

Following the show I will begin work on my newest and most exciting project - stocking my first shop! As soon as possible after the show I will begin stocking hats and accessories at The Create Place, 29 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green. I'll let you know when I first start stocking, I'm sure we can arrange a special gift for those first magic customers!

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