Sunday, 13 November 2011

Socks, viruses and dinosaurs

This last week has been primarily dominated by a super nasty computer virus that has mostly kept me offline (all my emails have come from my phone, so sorry for any typos) and completely prevented me from accessing any of my pattern files! Eeep!

So I'd just like to thank all of my wonderful pattern testers who have been so patient - even completing a whole test with a dodgy chart - geniuses!

In the interim, whilst waiting for the million and one anti-spyware scans to complete, I've managed to knit to the armholes on my Clematis. I wasn't able to go any further without access to the pattern which is a bit of a pain as it does put me WAY behind schedule for publishing by the end of November. However, I really like how it's coming out so far, the bust darts are fitting better than expected, and the drape is lovely.

I've also been able to finish Andrew's second pair of Christmas socks from last year, hooray! Don't worry, Andrew doesn't mind them coming this late in the year, I'm still waiting on a pair of trousers from my last birthday 14 months ago! I made him a pair of Father's New Socks from Vintage Gifts to Knit by Susan Crawford and Jame Waller in 2 shades of Wollmeise (Zenzi and Eberholtz). I made a lot of mods as the pattern was a bit fussy for my tastes, knitting the top and bottom of the foot separately, and I just wanted these knit. I'm very rarely knitting "to order" like this, and I'm glad of that, as these were more of a slog than anything else. But Andrew and I like the end result, which I guess is what really counts!

 Thirdly, and most entertainingly, I knit this dinosaur for our friend Gareth's birthday - Reggie the Veggie Stegosaurus!:

The pattern is from Knit & Purl Pets, a book full of wonderfully cute toys, excellent photography and a lovely, rustic feel. The patterns have some flaws to say the least, and I wouldn't recommend this book to inexperienced toy knitters, but it would be a lovely gift for most knitters this Christmas! In addition to his adventures on the TV, this fellow also explored the top of the wardrobe (beloved of the Elmo cat);

And braved the dark and scary streets of Mile End on the bookshelf (beloved of the Joe cat);

Andrew did the embroidery on his face and feet, and also crocheted Gareth a wonderful aardvark of his own design, which was unfortunately gifted before I could get any photos. His crochet skills are getting better and better at a rapid pace, to think I only taught him this time last year is frustrating - damn him for being so gifted!

Good luck to all those knitters prepping gifts for Christmas this year, may your yarn not run out and your pattern not have errata.

Happy Knitting!

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