Friday, 18 November 2011

New Pattern: Aeon

I know, I know, two new patterns in a week - I feel so productive!

Aeon is my second pattern for new UK magazine Knit Now. Having now seen two issues of this magazine I feel I can say with some security that this is shaping up to be a really nice contender in the UK magazines market, and not just because they keep accepting my patterns! The key point of difference with Knit Now is the complete focus on smaller projects, accessories and home knits designed for the modern knitter, with her appreciable stash of odd balls of gorgeous yarns.

Although, to call this magazine a collection of "stashbuster" projects is to do it a disservice, there are some really interesting and unusual ideas, and it's to editor Kate's credit that she has so far found such an array of interesting ideas. For example, from the current issue, we have Christmas Decorations from Julie Ferguson, Notebook Covers from Erika Knight (I am SO making some of these!), Hats knit both flat and in the round, cowls, cushions, gloves, socks, and these wonderful baby booties by Amy Gunderson perfect for mini Christmas elves.

My contribution this issue is the Aeon Cowl. Designed in response to this issue's designer challenge, to knit a small project using one skein of Artsano Aran and a cable needle, this cowl, knit flat, features a blend of dropped stitches twisted about one another (using the cable needle) and layers of garter stitch.

Photograph Copyright Knit Now Magazine
The magazine *even* comes with 3 free cable needles this issue - so no excuses!

On the Ravelry page for this pattern someone posted a question about international subscriptions for Knit Now Magazine. At present it is possible to order subs internationally via this page, and they will be posted to you. Online subscriptions are still being worked out, but if you are interested, please let the team know by posting on this Ravelry thread. Of course, UK subscriptions can be bought from Practical Publishing's website.

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