Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A lovely surprise!

Yesterday I received this in the post:

Some of you will recognise this as the Knit Nation logo and know that this was a lovely (and beautifully presented) biscuit based gift from Alice as a thank you for helping out at Knit Nation. She even wrote this lovely blog post about me the other day.

All of this does of course prove, that she is a very kind and generous silly billy. Because I am incredibly lazy, and wouldn't have helped at all (well, maybe a little bit) had it not been some of the most fun, happy and rewarding days I've had. I met some amazing people, laughed as hard as I have in months, and did more to boost my fledgeling design career than in the previous 4 months put together.

So thank you very much, I love it, and thanks for the opportunity. :)

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