Monday, 12 September 2011

I have been knitting!

Just in case you thought I'd given up on knitting altogether, I can confirm that I have been working very hard! There have been a few secret projects, and a couple of new garment designs in the works, the first of which is the now completed Ropery Pullover. I blogged about this back in August when I was 2/3 of the way through, but was held up knitting the front - it's construction is highly unusual and required some lateral thinking!

The second garment is a new, flared, almost vintage inspired blazer design featuring lots of horseshoe cables and knit using Blacker Yarns Pure Galway Aran. I haven't knit with Blacker yarns before, their reputation for rustic, earthy yarns is deserved. I almost certainly wouldn't have picked it up in store, in the skein it is stiff and scratchy, but I would have absolutely missed out. The yarn softens immeasurably as it's knit, and still further when blocked. At Knit Nation Judith McKenzie told me that any good pure wool needs a bit of wear and tear to reach it's potential, and I'm certain that this yarn is going to just improve and improve. I was fortunate to get a great deal on this yarn due to a voucher in Knitting magazine this month, so check that out!

The cardigan is knit bottom up in one piece to the armholes, and then split front(s) and back. Sleeves are worked flat (I think). The garment is finished with a large lapel collar and shoulder pads will be recommended - I loves me a huge shoulder!

Thirdly I've been knitting away at the Mystery X-Factor KAL. I needed a small, non-secret project for Knit Night and the tube, and this seemed like a lot of fun! The socks KAL is nearly finished now, but Jon is planning 2 more mystery KALs for between now and Christmas. If you're interested, check out the Easyknits group on Rabelry for more. This photo is from the end of Clue 2 (of 4) - unsurprisingly yellow - using Twinkle yarn.

 As a quick addition, I've written the bulk of this post on my phone, using the new Blogger iPhone app. I can see this being very useful, however there's currently no photo placing option, so I've had to come on the PC to move the photos into the right order/place. If in future you see posts with all the photos at the end, you'll know that's how I've written the post!

And finally, yes, I haven't forgotten it's fashion week, I'll do a New York summary in good time :)

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