Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Great North Run!

This Saturday, following a busy week and some Friday Fashion Week excitement (more on that tomorrow), I took the long journey to Newcastle to watch my Dad and brother Dominic compete in the Bupa Great North Run.

This is Britain's biggest half marathon, run this year by 54,000 runners and headed up by some of the biggest names in distance running. My Dad first ran this, alongside my Grandad, in 1982, the second year of the race, at the age of 29. Now, 29 years later (at the age of 58), he ran with my brother (who, for completeness sake, is 21). Dad and Grandad ran the half marathon in 2 hours 20 minutes, and this time round the target, taking into consideration the much larger crowd (54,000 vs. 14,000), my Dad being a bit older than my Grandad was, and my brother's rather unconventional training schedule, the target was around the 2 hours 45 mark.

Mam and Dad now live in Newcastle, so we were fortunate enough to be able to walk to the start line, after some essential stretching of course!

 Making sure we had cameras...
 And the obligatory plastic clothing.
Dad and Dom went off to get ready to start whilst Mam and I waited at the start line;

The start gun went....

Look at the crowd!

We caught up with Dad and Dom at the 4 and 8 mile marks,

And again at the end! We saw them finish, triumphantly crossing the line together, but I was too excited to take a photo, hopefully this one from 30 seconds later will suffice.

Don't they look exhausted!

Dad and Dom finished in 2 hours 48 minutes - almost exactly on schedule when you consider they had to stop and chat to family 3 times!!

Today they're very stiff and very tired, but very very proud. They've got medals and t-shirts and support coming from all over (thanks so much to those who tweeted their support!) Dom has been told that he has to run it again with his son in another 29 years!

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