Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Yesterday was the official collection photoshoot, and what a day it was! Myself, two photographers and 7 models travelled out to Hampstead Heath in the spring sunshine to get some shots. But wait Michaela, I thought there were 8 looks in your collection? Well yes, dear reader, but due to model shortages I ended up modeling a bit myself! Ooo err!

The photos will be released over the next few weeks as there are gazillions of them, and many will be used for the pattern releases of the socks and garments I've designed. However, I had to share with you some of my favourite "photoshoot in progress" shots. All photos are by the wonderful Rajee Sukumaran.

From left to right: Holly in Inside Leaves version 1; Me in Twinkle Twinkle Little Socks by Aimee Skeers; Urvi in spats; Sofia in Brick by Bricks (small size); Georgia in Reversing Leaves by Cat Bordhi; Wilf in Brick by Bricks (Large Size) 

Models & socks as above. I love this shot!

From left to right: Me, Urvi (carried by Tori), Holly, Sofia, Georgia, Wilf (just seen). We were walking in our socks on the Leaf Litter, and Urvi was barefoot except for the spats, hence the piggyback!

Danmi Lee photographing Tori by the lakeside. This lake was great, we even saw herons!

Tori in the spiny snood and the Autumn wristies.

We found this brilliant branch to hang the collection while we were changing (hence the single sock). Of course it's only now I realise quite how short the short shorts are!

We had the most fantastic luck with the light yesterday, it was brilliantly sunny when we were photgraphing the clothes, but as soon as they went on the models the clouds came over, removing the glare and giving more even coverage.
It was a really fun shoot and I'm really really excited about how the photos came out. Again, we used models who are UCL students, and our photographers were both University of London students as well. I'm very grateful to the whole team for helping me out, and we're planning a short film shoot for later in the year, so keep your eyes peeled!

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