Wednesday, 16 March 2011

MODO Show part 3

Thanks for all the support for my work from the previous two posts - I'm waiting on a full video of the whole collection that I will share with you as soon as it's ready (very excited about this, especially as I didn't really get to see my collection!)

But for now, I want to share with you some of my favourite bits from the rest of the show! We'll begin with this brilliant video by James Ho, "The Day", a collection of short shots summing up the chaos that was the Friday show day. I don't think I'm in this one, Friday was pretty chaotic for me, but some of my clothes definitely are! I've set it to play the non-HD version, but those of you with faster connections than me can watch it in HD!

the day from James Ho on Vimeo.

James was kind enough to make us two other videos for our show, entitled "The Beginning" and "The Prep" - I am in both of these videos, I'm the short haired brunette in the shapeless lace jumper or the green dress.

In addition to James' videos, I am also keen to direct you over to ScientistChic, a style blog by UCL PhD student Lizzy Harley, in which she dedicates three lovely posts to reviewing our show. See here for her review of my collection, and here and here for reviews of other people's.

As I've said before, the UCLU MODO Fashion Society Show, which I directed (as much as one can direct a fashion show) and within which I presented an 8 piece knitwear collection, was a collective experience presenting 28 mini-collections by 26 amateur fashion designers using 35 amateur models. Everyone involved is currently a student at University College London and as such has volunteered their time and skills to the collective. Bearing in mind that nobody is a professionally trained designer, some of these creations are outstanding.

For starters, these amazing silk painted pieces by Naomi Russell, painted by hand over many weeks to create the butterfly effects shown (excuse the back shot, this photo by Rosie Willatt shows off the detail to maximum effect).

This jumper, knitted by Rhi Graves, was one of my favourite looks. Partly because I always appreciate a nicely executed piece of handknitting (the grafting at the underarms is excellent), and also because I love the attention to detail in the styling here.The model had a pencil skirt of Rhi's creation, simple black court shoes and this perfectly fitting hair. Love it! (Photo by Josh Blacker)

I probably don't need to explain why this look by Aminat Omotosho is fantastic. (Photo by Josh Blacker).

This circus themed collection by Tori Jordan was particularly good fun! (Photo by Josh Blacker)

As was this collection by Kirsten Shastri (Photo by Josh Blacker).

One of my favourite looks of the night was this conceptual design by Marta Owczarek, inspired by the Barbican's recent Japanese Fashion exhibition.(Photo by George Lampadariou)

Another example of the importance of viewing a fashion show as an event, not just an excuse to show off some clothes, came with Anna Dzieciol's fetish inspired collection. Using latex "fabric" and glue, combined with excellent styling, models, music and stage direction, she produced one of the most talked about collections of the night. (Photo by George Lampadariou)

Closing the show was Jackie Ng's Miliatary Romance collection, nine gorgeous dresses inspired by the Army, Navy & Air Force, my favourite of which was this beautiful Naval inspired ball gown. (Photo by Josh Blacker)

I hope that this has at least a little bit inspired you to go out and do something creative - you don't need an art and design background to produce beautiful things. I'll keep you posted over the next few weeks and months with the goings on at UCLU MODO Fashion Society, and who knows, maybe you'll join us at next year's event!

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