Monday, 7 March 2011

MODO Show part 2

Hi Guys!

Hope that you liked the photos in the previous post, and Hello to new readers coming from Hoxton Handmade!

I just wanted to post a few more photos from the show that I love, and chat a bit more about some of the garments. But first, everyone is really really recommended to check out - this fantastic knitting podcast is narrated by the lovely Katie, who very kindly came to our show at MODO this weekend. In this weeks podcast she chats to myself, my gorgeous model/show producer Tori and some of the shows' other knitwear designers, Giulia & Rhiannon, as well as Socktopus aka Alice Yu, Knit Nation organiser and overall lovely person :) She also discusses some Do's & Don't of crochet, a review of the new Interweave Knits, some up to the minute Knit Nation news & a look at knitting with Habu (I love Habu)'s stainless steel yarn.

So, onto the photos!

I love this photo of Evgenia in my t-shirt by Slobodon Radosavljevic. It's lovely to see the purl stitches up close and from this angle the construction looks better than I believe it to be (as I've said - this pattern needs WORK!)

What's not to love about this one, also by Slobodon Radosavljevic, a student at Imperial College London. This is Tori, in a snood made from Habu Textiles 100% bamboo (I repeat, I love Habu).

The show was opened by the UCLU MODO President, Jenna (right) wearing a cape made from 5 panels knitted in 100% felting wool from I felted the panels using a normal washing machine cycle, steamed flat and cut to shape, after which my lovely other half sewed them all together with some lining fabric to match the knitted shorts and socks. Using the remaining felt I cut leaf shapes and superglued them onto kirby grips to make hairpieces. Tori, left, our Volunteering & Photography coordinator (and overall great person) closed my collection. (Photo by Sophie Constantinou, former MODO President)

Close up of hairpieces worn by Jenna by George Lampadariou.

I absolutely adore this photo by George Labpadario, of Helen, my 5th model. She also wears hairpieces made from knitted leaves, and a yoke necked jumper. I made this jumper as part of National Knit a Sweater in a Month Month back in November and I love it, it's so comfortable, and the use of the Sirdar Crofter DK so effective!

This photo by George Lampadariou of Prashant Jain is one of my favourites. This look represents the first snow, and I think the lighting is just perfect!

This photo, by Katie Powell, really conveys what I wanted to achieve with the cardicape. It shows the lovely drape of this fabric, and the comfy fit of this garment. Not to mention Urvi's wonderful figure!

I've been so stressed and worried about this dress, but this photo by George Lampadariou of Sofia really conveys it from a fashion perspective. I want to open the side seams a little more, but it's nice to reassure myself that this could be more (to me at least) than a Sunday afternoon jumper!

And to complete the collection, my favourite photo of the drop dress by George Lampadariou modeled by Georgia.

Walk off!

Next time, more details of press coverage, and photos from the collections of other MODO designers!

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