Monday, 8 November 2010

Wollmeise at Loop

As I am aware that some non-knitters read this blog, I feel I should probably explain in advance some of the craziness that is about to commence. Wollmeise is a German yarn brand widely believed to have the best colours in the world. Until Saturday, it had only been previously available out of one shop deep in Bavaria, and in online updates well known for their ability to crash servers. I was fortunate to be able to get hold of a few skeins at Knit Nation this year (see here for the related post) and was completely hooked.

Following the announcement on Ravelry that Loop would become their first stockist, near hysteria resulted, and we were expecting the masses to descend on Islington on Saturday. It turns out that this anticipation may have worked in our favour, as even though myself and my friend Lucy were there before 10 o'clock (for the 11 o'clock opening, and Lucy still managed to beat me by half an hour!), the day passed in a very civilized manner. While we waited for the shop to open we were treated with biscuits and given permission to use the loo - perhaps a sign they appreciated how excited we were! At 10 to 11 there were about 20 people milling around and the doors were opened.

The queue (not including me - I took the photo!)

Lace weight was kept on the ground floor, and sock weight upstairs. I didn't need any lace (although I was tempted) but had a list of sock colours in my head to buy. We fought past each other up the stairs and were greeted with mountains of yarn.

Call me weird (you won't be the first) but I just go giddy over those browns.

Some of us got very excited - Trish is underneath all of this yarn!

The budget was blown rather spectacularly, and I went home with these beauties.

Golden Pear, Spice Schwammerl, Schwammerl, Olio vergine and Daisy, for those Wollmeiseaholics out there. I've already treated myself to winding the Daisy (what? I have to show something off at knit night tonight!), and have very grand plans for the rest!

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