Friday, 5 November 2010

Sneak peek

Ok, so it's been a couple of weeks without a post, and I apologize, but I must say there hasn't exactly been much to report! I've been pretty tied up with MODO stuff (see here for details), the Fashion Society at UCL that I help run, and have been making a lot of things I want to keep a little bit secret.

The reason for this secrecy is that on the 4th and 5th of March next year I will be presenting a mini-collection on the catwalk as part of the MODO Fashion Show. I am currently planning 8 looks (that's fashion speak for "outfits"), and as such a large amount of my available knitting hours are inevitably dedicated to producing the garments I want to show. This is a massive opportunity, not only for the fun involved, or for getting my name spread around London universities, but for me to get some professionally shot photographs of my designs.

But, because I'm not completely heartless, I'm going to provide a sneak peak on this blog into some of the things I'm doing.

Yes, I am experimenting with reverse stockinette.

And ordinary stockinette. In black....


And creamy-green. You may remember this as the yarn I dyed back in September, now knitted up to produce a speckled effect. 

I'm pleased as punch with how that's turned out!

There's also some colour changes.....

And some texture changes.

That's all for now, and will be most of the plainer textures included in the collection. Understandably, it's much quicker to knit up these plainer pieces, so hopefully a few more bits will be finished soon. If you're very good, I may provide a quick glimpse at some lacework next week.


  1. It looks gorgeous Michaela! Really exciting stuff.

  2. PS It's Helen, btw, I thought it would just post my real name not my screen name.
    PPS You've inspired me to get back into my knitting. I've been neglecting it terribly recently.