Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Beginner's Knitting Pack with 2 New Patterns!

Hello all,

As you may or may not know, in my other life as a humble PhD student I also help out a lot with the University's Fashion Society. One of the events that I hosted this year was a Beginner's Knitting Class. I spent a long time putting together an instruction pack, and a couple of very simple patterns for my students to try when they got home. Today I bring the pack (and patterns) to you!

The pack can be found here - MODO Beginners Knitting Pack

It contains two patterns,

Super Easy Fingerless Mittens;

And Super Easy Airy Beret (which is really more of a beanie, but as many beginner knitters struggle with a loose tension in many cases it may well look like a beret);

Modeled by me in the stunning Victoria Park, in Hackney, London, photos by the ever handsome boyfriend.

The yarn used for both patterns was some acrylic I picked up at Whitechapel Market for £1.80. Regular readers of this blog will no doubt already be aware of my yarn-snobbery, but I must say I was very pleased with this stuff (unfortunately it came without a label, so I can't really recommend anything in particular). The colour in particular is fantastic, just the sort of thing I want to be knitting in this glorious autumn weather.

Patterns can be downloaded from Ravelry too, here (Fingerless Mittens) and here (Airy Hat), and the pack will be linked to permanently from the side bar of this blog too, for any future followers.

I warned you there were things coming this week!

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  1. Your instruction pack looks really good. Thanks for sharing it. :)