Thursday, 5 August 2010

Improving Spinning

Just a quick post today, as I'm elbow deep in finishing my epic Golden Wheat Shawl in time for Vicki & James' wedding next week.

I've been waiting for a skein of handspun to dry in order to take some good pictures, although my phone seems to be playing up so I apologise for the quality of the later ones. It's made from a batt I got from Jan at Spinning a Yarn, although as it was a teaching pack I pursuaded her to sell me I'm not sure of the fibre content, I think it's mostly BFL however.

It started out lookin like this;

Deep blue with white intermixed. Gorgeous. It was a dream to spin, and actually wanted to be finer than I'd done before (unlike the merino top I had to fight with to draft!)


Then spun together into a 2 ply;

I don't have a WPI gauge but I'm pretty sure it's about a standard 4-ply weight (US sportweight) and is by far the finest thing I've ever spun. I seem to be getting progressively better at this spinning malarkey!

And as proof of that (taking my scientist hat off with that statement) I've started spinning up some fibre I got from Artist's Palette Yarns that I'm suspicious might be perfect, it is superwash afterall, to make some yummy sock yarn with!

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