Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Knit Nation Saturday!!

Ok, so I know 3 blog posts in one day is truely shocking blogging practice, but by the time I have time to post again (Summer Project deadline looming...) we both may have forgotten all about it!

Saturday started with a leisurely morning recovering from all the festivaling of the day before. I wandered over to Knit Nation at about half past one in time for the raffle draw, Congrats to all the winners (and boy, weren't there lots of lovely prizes!) but no joy for me.

I then went to Anne Hanson's Advanced Lace Knitting class. Anne works for/is Knitspot (I'm not sure exactly), a blog/website I sometimes frequent, and interestingly for me has many years experience working as a pattern cutter, which is what Andrew does (sometimes!) I decided to take this class as being a left-hander in a right hander's world I was hoping for some special hints and tips to take my stitching to the next level. Anne was a very interesting teacher, and her discussion of lace forms and the importance of swatching was excellent, I never realised quite how different yarns of the same WPI can look with the same stitch pattern can look! Lessen well and truly learnt there. I don't know if it was a time issue or if it was because it was the 6th class she taught at Knit Nation, but not all the techniques mentioned on the website were covered, and I think it was just my bad luck I'd done most of the one's that were, so I probably didn't learn all that much about actually knitting lace! However, that's beside the point when you consider how much fun I had chatting to other knitters.

After the class I went for dinner with a girl I met in the class and then we ventured to the Ravelry party. As many have said this was a real highlight of Knit Nation and I met some wonderfully interesting people. Not least Jen, the tech editor of The Knitter, my very favourite magazine, and who's shawl I am knitting at the moment (see Shawl's Galore for more on this).

She was totally awesome and incredibly happy to see my shawl, which of course made me incredibly happy! I dropped a hint that the magazine should publish a photo of the finished object (when it actually is finished!) and have me win the letter prize - which was not met with as much resistance as I'd expected (although no definite on the prize yet!)

I then went on to meet two of the knitting world's biggest celebrities. One of the things I find about getting older (if you can say approaching 23 is getting older) is I am increasingly shameless. Such as that is I achieved this (sorry about the double chin);

and this;

Which was totally awesome! For those of you not in the Ravelry know (and really, why not??) these two kind and jetlagged people are Casey and Jess, two of the 4 wonderful people behind Ravelry.com, the website that links all us knitters together so that amazing events like Knit Nation can even take place. I love this website, and in a final desperate leap of shamelessness such that I may have become so uncool I've been through the being almost cool again stage and come right out on the other side of stinking, pointed and laughed at, L on my forehead, uncool, loserdom, I got Jess and Casey to autograph my Knit Nation bag for forever. Yay.

Bob is the dog mascot of Ravelry. Who is great.

Following the party's frivolities I went home, looked at all my purchases,

and went to bed happy. :)

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