Thursday, 2 September 2010

Skew Socks

After a frantic last few weeks rushing to finish my shawl in time for the wedding (it's still not perfect, pics once I'm happy with it!), followed by the rush to finish my summer project for my Masters, I've finally got a whole 4 weeks of pretty much holiday time before the start of my PhD! Yay!

I've spent some of the time since finishing on Friday doing some finishing touches to some nearly finished projects. I finally got round to blocking my Skew socks!

I started these in April and finished the knitting for the second sock a couple of weeks ago, but hadn't quite got round to blocking them. Mostly because I was afraid that they would end up different sizes. And I think this picture proves that this is unfortunately the case. I knitted the right sock first, and seemingly have been replaced by a different knitter with a wholly different tension before starting the second sock!

That being said (and I still have faith the fit issue will resolve itself) I do like this pattern.

The whole sock is knit on the bias, with the most amazing heel construction;

The pattern is perfect for self striping yarn (in this case, Lana Grossa Meilenweit 100 Merino) as the pattern of increases/decreases shows this wonderful kink.

And don't they look cute on?

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