Friday, 9 March 2012


Yesterday's Knitty publication has finally spurred me into some blogging action!

While I haven't been idle these last few weeks (lots of "secret knitting" has been occurring) this blog has been rather neglected. As a treat, I think today shall be the day to unveil the first of my new self-published patterns, Weekend!

Weekend is a 1m/1-and-a-bit yd square throw perfect for use in the home year round - mine is certain to become a picnic blanket come the summer! It uses 4 skeins of Colinette Calligraphy, quite possibly my favourite yarn of the moment. Each skein is 100m and is worked with 12mm needles - this throw really can be knit in a Weekend, mine was!

The throw features a centre panel of knotted openwork that is really simple to execute, each knot is worked over just one row, so it's perfect for highly variagated yarns such as Calligraphy as the short colour runs are contained within each knot, leading to an almost spotted fabric. Upon completion of the centre panel, stitches are picked up around the sides and a provisional cast on is unzipped before the linen stitch border is worked.

Because of the super dense nature of the linen stitch, you will need about half of the total yarn just for the border. However, this is a border that will last forever - after a winter of heavy use and cat love this border has just begun to start to felt together. The edges of throws are the regions that feel the most wear, and in weekend they are reinforced to the max! Clever arrangements of increases at the corners (although I say so myself) allow the pattern to continue uninterrupted.

Speaking of cats (and how can I not, seeing as they make such wonderful models) the real advantage of the centre panel is in it's Natural Cat Resistance. Cat owners know how much they love to "knead" - claw at carpet/your bed/your tummy before settling down to sleep. That beautiful cable and textured afgan you spent two years knittng? Torn to shreds by these guys without proper vigilance! With Weekend, when they try to knead that centre panel all they get is the sofa. Boring! Joey and Elmo had one little go on Weekend and then realised that they'd have more luck with the carpet/bed/my tummy. So I guess this is only a benefit if you value your throw more than your stomach like me (sorry Mam!)

If you want to knit Weekend (it has a great effort to appreciation ratio as a gift) you can purchase the pattern for £2.50. The Ravelry pattern page is here or you can buy now

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