Saturday, 17 March 2012

Plans afoot!

So the big news of the last few months has been that my better half Andrew has been away working in Antwerp at a new fashion label. The bigger news is that, now his contract has been extended, I'll be moving out there too!

One of the perks of working as a designer in this industry is how transportable it is - I'll be able to design just as much for the same magazines and for myself there as I have here - more so in fact - as due to lower living costs I won't have to work part time! I am SO SO SO looking forward to having a little extra time to cook, read books, garden (we have a tiny balcony) and generally, "play house".

We'll be moving in less than 2 weeks now - the challenge has been finding someone to drive all of our stuff over there (neither of us drive, not that I'm old enough to hire a van anyway) but fortunately Andrew's dad has agreed. We also have to arrange Pet Passports for each of the cats, a breaktaking £160 apiece. We're very lucky, even 6 months ago it would have been a lot more. Thanks to some lovely Ravellers I've almost covered this cost after some extensive destashing!

The biggest task is breaking down three years of acquired stuff into "Keep", "Lend" and "Bin". Andrew and I have quite different opinions on what should go in each pile. I am inclined to get rid of almost everything, either by selling, gifting to friends, giving to charity or recycling. But never mind, we'll get there eventually!

This means my plans to publish several outstanding patterns this month has been temporarily shelved (sorry!) - think of it this way, all the more for over the summer!

Speak soon!

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  1. O yeah its hard to live alone without better-half when your spouse is working somewhere else and you are living somewhere else.I appreciate your co-operative attitude and thanks for nice post.