Sunday, 3 October 2010

Tiny wee things

Just a quick post today.

I've been pretty much furiously knitting for the last week, I don't want to go into too much detail, but some friends of ours have had a beautiful, handsome baby who just happens to have come a little sooner than expected. As someone who always has a massively diverse stash, I've dug out all of my baby suitable yarns and begun making a few bits and bobs for him to wear. Firstly I made some little socks;

There's still loads of this yarn left from when I made the Diagonal Rib Socks for myself, so expect more in this colour. It's Walker Superwash Sock from Spinning a Yarn and I can happily say it has survived the washing machine intact.

Next I made this quick and easy jacket, a top down raglan (my first top down garment), which is far too big, but at least he'll grow into it!

This jacket (which is actually rather asymmetric, rather than just wonky as the picture suggests) is made in the commonly available Sirdar Snuggly Baby DK, and took less than 50g of yarn to make. The buttons are standard John Lewis baby buttons, 25p each. I love this yarn, I've used it several times and it's incredibly soft for something with a fibre content of nylon and acrylic.

The patterns are Preemie and Newborn Socks and Paxton (Preemie and Newborn Jacket), both Ravelry links.

If anyone is inspired to help out our tiny babies, donations can be made to Bliss

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