Sunday, 10 October 2010

New Spindle!

Some pics from the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace to come tomorrow, today I am very excited by my wonderful new spindle!

I've been after a nice quality top-whorl spindle for a while. My wheel is fantastic, but sometimes I want to spin on the move! I first learnt to spin on a bottom whorl spindle that cost £3.50 and was little more than a piece of dowling and a wooden wheel. Unfortunately, the whorl has become loose, and even superglue isn't doing it anymore. A new spindle was required, and after playing with a top-whorl I decided that, for me, I was happy either way up!

I noticed these beautiful spindles from Wildcraft a long time ago now, but was waiting for my birthday to buy it as a treat for myself. The shaft is made from a nice quality cherry wood, but it's the whorl where the beauty really is.

But first, I just wanted to stress the absolutely gorgeous packaging it arrived in, a mere 2 days after I placed the order. It's this sort of lovely attention to detail that means I will definitely order from them again.

First, it appeared in this lovely tube;
Then some pretty crepe paper (which I crumpled prior to photographing);
Then some bubble wrap;

Then some gorgeous Cheviot roving;
Then my spindle;

Isn't it pretty! The flowers are real Cranesbiu flowers encased in resin. The spindle weighs 30g, and spins pretty true, although the more yarn I'm putting on it the straighter it spins. I've spun a little of the cheviot, which is very lovely, and I'm very very happy with my new toy!

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