Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Fun at the fair

Yesterday was a bank holiday here in Belgium (for Whit Monday/Pentecost Monday, although it seems public holidays are ten-a-penny here!) so I didn't get a huge amount of work done. It's very hard to concentrate with a bored and excitable 28 year old at home!

Eventually I admitted defeat and we went for a lovely walk out in the sun - can you guess what we found?

ps. It was by far the loudest fair I've ever been to - and with more flashing lights and moving parts. Who says Belgium is boring?
pps. That candyfloss was even better than it looks. Jealous?


  1. Guess you guys had fun haha. I think you're walk was worth it since candyfloss is something we all crave for. My daughter loves it a lot.

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