Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Spitalfields Sheep & Wool Fayre

Sunday saw the return of the annual Spitalfields Sheep and Wool Fayre. Held at Spitalfields City Farm, a little bit of rural life was brought into central London. I love Spitalfields City Farm, I spent the summer after graduation working as a volunteer there, and as such it holds a special place as one of the few places in London that really seems to "get" community.

And they have a wool fayre. With a Y.

There was a heap of cool stuff to see, from their "Pop-up Museum"....

To a fun little folk band....

To kids....

To sheep shearing (this was awesome)!

I also got a great chance to chat to Lyn from the London Guild of Weavers Spinner's & Dyers, who showed me how to use one of their tabletop looms (and Ashford, not sure which one). What was really interesting was looking at how they follow their patterns, using charts familiar to knitters. The whole process was much easier than I'd expected, and, while I'm sure that setting up the loom is pretty skilled, I'm much less intimidated by weaving than I once was!

The fayre will be on again next year, if you're in town, be sure not to miss out!

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