Saturday, 11 December 2010

Christmas Surprises

Sorry for the absence of a post in the last week, we've got a couple of new arrivals to our household.

Joey (top) and Elmo have come to live with Andrew and me from a rescue centre in East London. We believe they are  6-7 years old and are probably/possibly brothers. Joey is pretty nervy at the moment, he likes lots of cuddles but gets irritable if you leave him alone for a long time. Elmo is also a big fan of cuddles, but is a lot more independent. He's pretty podgy, although Joey is the only one who's been begging for food. We pretty much love them already!

In other news, I received a Christmas parcel from my Mammy the other day, inside was a knitted Christmas bauble pattern collection, with two lovely hand knitted decorations for our (yet to be put up) tree.

And a wonderful knitted wire tree decoration;

Note the lovely beads;

I'm a very lucky girl!

The parcel was sent in order to help with a class I was running on Tuesday, although unfortunately it didn't arrive until after I had left on Tuesday morning. The class was another class for MODO, UCL's Fashion Society with whom I am very much involved. I really wanted us to have a nice Christmas party/craft circle this year, and thus arranged "Merry MODO Christmas". We made one or more of a selection of 4 different tree decorations. The parcel from my Mam was a total surprise, so I used 4 decoration ideas of my own. I think it probably says quite a lot about how close my Mam and I are, as one of the decorations we made was;

That's right, wire Christmas trees! These were made with some jewellary wire I found in the MODO cupboard, but I think the similarity between these and the knitted tree my mam made was uncanny! I made them by wrapping the wire around a 6mm knitting needle, easing it into the zig-zag shape of the tree, and then re-wrapping around the knitting needle. I passed a bit of festive ribbon through the loop to make a tie for the tree.

I also ended up teaching another two people how to knit during the class, which I think means I've now taught more than 20 people this year alone - good karma I think! As part of this, I prepped a super easy beginner's tree decoration pattern, which will be coming to you on Monday, once I'm back in the office where the pattern is saved on my computer there. I think I'll call it my "10-minute Tree Decoration"!

It's not going to change the Christmas decoration world (if such a world exists), but it really is that quick, and in being simply garter stitch, really is very easy. I think I'll make another one in wool (this one is acrylic), so that I can block it out flatter, and I'll also build the crochet chain with a crochet hook, and not just my fingers (poor form I know) so the tension is better. Hopefully pictures of this new version will come with the pattern on Monday!

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