Thursday, 1 July 2010

Shawls galore!

So there's not been much to report of late, a lot of finishing off socks and a (potentially) wasted attempt at making a bag. That being said, I can announce that something for next year's MODO show has been completed. Oooooooooo! A sneak peak image coming soon!

This post however is dedicated to a little technical exercise I have recently completed that I'm pretty proud of. I have a subscription to The Knitter magazine, and this months issue contains the absolutely beautiful "Golden Wheat Shawl". I was instantly in love, however, despite having done a fair bit of lace knitting in my time, I had never yet knitted a shawl. Trawling the depths of the Ravelry shawl database led me to the outstandingly pretty "Percy Shawl". I set about knitting it using Berrocco Alpaca Fine, a lovely yarn, unsurprisingly alpaca based, that I had almost all of a skein left of following the making of some socks earlier in the year. It made up incredibly quickly, taking less than a week and I must say I'm pretty pleased with the result.

And as for the Golden Wheat Shawl......

Speak soon!!

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