Thursday, 29 April 2010

New Blog!

Wow, so after months of going on and on about how much I need a website and how much I need to sort out my knitting into a coherent record of what I do (thank you Ravelry for the short term!) I have finally begun this blog. Hooray!

So, who am I and why should you be interested in anything I have to say?

I'm Michaela and I'm currently in London studying for my MRes (basically an MSc) in Mathematical Biology, have an undergraduate degree in Evolutionary Biology and will be starting my PhD in some field of interest (still not sure what yet!) in September. However, some would say more importantly, I am an avid knitter and designer, and can be found with needles in my hands at virtually all times.

In the last six months I have been approached by Academy Costumes and Jean Pierre Braganza and asked to knit. For London Fashion Week in February 2010 I knitted this for Jean Pierre;

Which was fun. And exciting (pretty much the best moment of my life ever but I try to be cool about it!) Particularly when I realised that Erin O'Connor, the editor of Italian Vogue, an editor from Elle (eep, can't remember who!), Pixie Geldof and Jaime Wistone were in attendance to watch my dress on the catwalk!

I'm really fortunate to go to such a wonderful university as University College London. We have a fantastic fashion society known as MODO that enables designers from within the university to showcase their designs in an annual show. The website can be found here, and the fashion blog, which is excellent, here. This year I was only able to make two dresses, as the show was held only a week after fashion week, but these led to rave reviews, with images of my second dress being published in almost every promotional article, including the UCL's Pi Magazine and The Hub Magazine

The first was an interpretation of phylogenetic trees (also known as ancestory trees), that involved creating a lace pattern to represent trees and large shoulders with DNA inspired cabling (Free Patterns Coming Soon!). These were sewn into a jersey dress over a knitted bra from a pattern in Knitting Lingerie Style adapted for DK weight yarn and 4mm needles.

The second was inspired by cells, the building block of life, and was created using the same dropped stitch (I love dropped stitches) used to make the dress for fashion week. The dress is intended to be worn over a slip, otherwise very little will be left to the imagination! The back of the dress has a surprise too! This will be available for purchase on Ravelry as soon as I figure out how that works!

In the last couple of months I've been making a heap of socks, mittens, iPhone socks and swatches for things for the future, as well as learning how to spin. More on these to follow, plus some exciting new design projects to share!

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